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Prefabricated Metal Buildings
We build any one or two story commercial, agricultural. or residential steel framed building at any size.
Jenson Construction & Roofing Services
At Jenson Construction & Roofing, we provide high quality services that are personalized for your unique needs. We are available to schedule to meet with you in person. Call or email  us to set up your meeting. Then, we do the rest to make your construction experience stress free.
Wood Framed Buildings
We  build stick framed buildings and pole buildings.  We build single family homes, apartments, office complexes, commercial buildings, agricultural buildings, barns, and sheds.
Specialized Wooden Rafter Buildings
Steel Roofing: Industrial or Residential 
We  build complex structures with specialized rafters.  This includes round rafters, rafters for round buildings, gabrial rafters, and timber-framed houses and buildings.  These rafters are pre-fabricated and custom made.
​We side homes, barns, and commercial buildings.  We use Vinyl, wood, steel, brick, and stone.
Additions, Sunrooms, Decks, Porches & Remodeling
We remodel and build additions for any home type.  We design the addition to look like it belongs on the building we are adding too.  We improve any room in the house and make your old home look and feel like new. 
Siding: Steel, Wood, Brick, Stone or Vinyl
Asphalt Shingles: Industrial or Residential
There are many options for a steel roof.  Great for commercial or industrial buildings, barns, and growing in popularity are steel roofed homes.  There are many looks and designs for metal roofs.
We offer 30 year, 40 year, or 50 year shingles.  There are many styles, waranty options, and colors for asphalt roofs.